For those of you who love a good poop story, you’re in luck! I write this not because I love writing details of my child’s bowel movements, but because it may be interesting and/or helpful to someone out there. So here goes.

Around March, Caroline started having issues with diarrhea. It got particularly bad a couple of months ago. She had loose stools or diarrhea 2-4 times every day for about 4 weeks. After ruling out a bug, the doc told us to start giving her probiotics. We were absolutely willing to do that, but those get pricey at about $20 a bottle. Then I remembered something…

A year ago my sister’s son was having major diarrhea that wouldn’t go away. No one could figure out what was going on. She was thinking maybe it was milk causing the problem. But then she realized that when she was at my mom’s house and gave her son Winder Dairy milk, he didn’t have any issues. So she bought a couple of gallons and tried it out. It worked almost immediately. From then on, that’s all he drank and he didn’t have any more issues.

So…I decided to do my own experiment. The day after taking Caroline to the doc and before I gave her any probiotics, I bought a couple of gallons of Winder Dairy milk and, voila, instantly she went from diarrhea all the time to going once every other day. Then a couple of days later, the consistency was exactly as it should be. Fascinating!

I gave it a week before I started her some probiotic just to make sure everything is kosher in her little body, but they are now just a temporary measure. 

Walmart’s Great Value milk says on its label that it is rBST (synthetic hormone) free but Winder Dairy milk ALSO is rBGH (another synthetic hormone) free. It seems between that and the milk being organic and local makes a big difference. “Our farmers serve their cows a traditional diet and keep them in the most sanitary conditions to ensure consistent farm fresh goodness.”

I’m a believer!

Why No Hormones

One thought on “Poo-Poo

  1. We've had Karlee on hormone free milk her whole life. We used to buy the winder dairy milk, but found it would go bad way before the expiration date. We found the best deal up in Logan at Gossners and would buy like 3 cases of milk since its shelf stable and can be stored in the pantry.

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