Holly’s a’ Movin’

My dear friend Holly is moving with her family to Phoenix. Dean was accepted to law school there so they are off on a new (hard) adventure.

Last Saturday we had an Avenues reunion with our families at Murray Park. All seven of us lived on 1st and 2nd Avenue together. We’re all so in love with living downtown that 3 of the girls still do and the other 4 still wish they did! From left to right: Julie, Savannah, Holly, Becky, Leah, Nanette, and Claire.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Holly has been a great friend. She is someone who wants to help you with anything, whenever. She threw me a ward baby shower, even though she barely knew me at the time. She cooked me dinner when I had my second baby, even though I was living in Layton and she was living in South Jordan. She constantly compliments. 

We are all sad to see her and her wonderful family go but wish her the best, BeSt, BEST of luck! Love you, Holly!

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