House: Kid’s Bathroom

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I love home decorating. Don’t most women in my demographic? There are millions of blogs demonstrating how to decorate your home, specifically, on the cheap.  It’s a huge trend right now. Anything thrifty, eclectic, dyi, upcycled, recycled, reimagined, repainted, reupholstered, redone, rearranged, re-ANYTHING. I think it’s a great trend. It’s wonderful that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have your house look amazing. But, I have two problems with this trend. 1) It isn’t really my decorating taste. I love it, but it’s not really the look I’m going for in my own home; and 2) Forget decorating on the cheap. I need to decorate on the free. And my tastes don’t come free.

So, although I love imagining and designing and coming up with all sorts of ideas, my home is not how I want it to be. There are too many bare walls, windows, and corners. This process is going to take a long, long time.

I’m so close to finishing my living room but for now here is the “finished” kid’s bathroom…you know, ‘cause a room is hardly ever finished. Most of the décor came from the kid’s bathroom in our old home, it just took time to get it all put together again.

Now if only it was always this clean! Holy dirty bathroom, Batman! I swear, little boys are so gross. Add a toilet which refuses to be flushed (I’m sure it’s the toilet’s fault) and a can of poopy diapers and you’ve got yourself an explosion of fumes. But for now, it’s clean.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug 

I bought two things. First is the bath mat. I actually hate these kinds of bath mats. They are too typical and the texture gets to me, especially when wet. But they can’t be beat for a non-slip, machine-washable, destruction-proof bath rug.

The second is the cute, tiny galvanized tub I got for 75 cents at DI. I am using it as a soap holder. I refuse to give my kids liquid soap.


There are 3 sets of 3 starfish representing my own 3 little starfish who share the bathroom. One set is on the counter, one is above the towels, and the last one is on the wall by the light switch (not pictured).

That’s it. Nothing fancy. It’s simple. I like simple. Not my dream kid’s bathroom, but cute enough.

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