California Vacay: Cabrillo Beach Tidepools

Cargo Ship, Port of Los Angeles, California
Photo taken by madlyinlovewithlife
On the fourth day of our trip in good old California we drove by the port of Los Angeles on our way to Cabrillo Beach. We all had a good time driving over multiple bridges and observing so much portish stuff. The large cranes were incredible. 
After the port we made our way to the tide pools at Cabrillo Beach. While walking past the beach to the tide pools we observed this scene and Julie made this image. Love the blue tones!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Nate on his way down the boardwalk.

And here we are!

A few close up images of the action. Who knew seaweed is so cool looking?

Ohhhh, that shell looks tasty.

I think I’ll have some! Thank you!
Looking up and down the coast. 
We were all kinds of blown away by the large number of mussels. Check out these images! 

Cara was good enough to let me carry her around the tide pools. 
And some more carrying….
Squishy!! We love all the shells ingrained on the rocks.

Madeleine was pretty nervous about getting out into the tide pools. However, after a while she warmed up.

Nate loves to explore (he reminds me so much of Julie).

He thought this thing used to be a restaurant because there was so much fast food trash inside. Haha.

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