My Week in Absurd Little Drawings

All of this is 100% factual. No exaggerations were needed.


Sunday Night

Rob: Looks like I’m going to Arizona tomorrow morning.
Julie: Okay

Later Sunday Night

Rob: Never mind


Monday Morning

Rob: Looks like I’m going to Arizona tonight.
Julie: Okay


Later Monday Morning

Rob: Never mind.

photo (1)


Tuesday Morning

Rob: Looks like I’m going to Arizona tonight.
Julie: Okay



photo (2)


And off he went. But not before…


photo (3)


Nate vomited in the middle of the night.

photo (4)

Rob: What’s going on?
Julie: He puked.
Rob: Huh?
Julie: He puked. Can you grab a bowl while I take off all his sheets and remake his bed?
Rob: Huh?
Julie: A bowl.
Rob: A bowl?
Julie: A bowl!

photo (5)


(After Rob had left)

Mom: Come here, Cara, lay on my chest. You don’t seem to feel very well.
Cara: BARF!!

photo (6)



No explanation needed.

photo (7)


Thursday Morning

Clerk: Time to renew!
Julie: I renewed last month.
Clerk: Looks like you upgraded instead. That’s good!
Julie: I didn’t want to upgrade, I wanted to renew.
Clerk: Oh, well. You upgraded. Now you have to renew. $55 again please.

photo (8)


Thursday Afternoon

Julie: Can you tell me the sale price on these boy shoes?
Clerk: Looks like they’re not on sale.
Julie: Even though there are twenty-five bright red signs everywhere saying “All shoes on sale”?
Clerk: I guess not.

photo (9)


Kids: Rides!!
Mom: I have enough quarters for one ride.
Kids: Yay!
Cara: Whaaa!!!

photo (10)


Mom: I forgot the jeans that we need to exchange in the car. Grrr.

photo (11)


Julie: Where are the toddler girls jeans?
Clerk: I guess we don’t have any.
Julie: You don’t have ANY toddler jeans? I need to exchange these.
Clerk: Nope, I guess not. Maybe in a few weeks. Can you wait a few weeks?
Julie: No.
Clerk: Just exchange them for something else.
Julie: Fine.

20 min later…

Clerk: Can I get your email address for your membership? Oh, sorry. See this teeny sign? We discontinued our KidVantage Club. You can’t exchange any of those without a receipt.
Julie: I have never needed a receipt before because of my membership info. Can’t you look up my purchase? That’s why you have my email address.
Clerk: No. I can only see some purchases. You have to go home, sign in, print out your receipt, then come back. Would you still like to buy those anyway?
Julie: No.

photo (12)


Thursday Evening

Wheeler Farm. Barbed wire.
Nate: Whaa!!

photo (14)


Kids: I have to pee!

photo (15)


10 minutes after the previous pee…#2 was on its way.


photo (16)


Mom: Great. The only restrooms nearby are next to the gigantic playground.
Kids: Can we play?!
Mom: No.

photo (17)


DrawingPadApp (2)


On the way home.

Kids: La La Mickey Mouse! La La Goofy! La La Donald Duck!

photo (19)


Mom: Mom’s turn. Ooh, I like this song! La La La!
Kids: Whaa!
Mom: La La La!!!

photo (20)



Thursday Night


photo (22)

photo (23)


Later Thursday Night

Nate: Mom, when am I going to have a little brother to play with?
Mom: I don’t know. But you play so well with your boy cousins!
Nate: But I play so well with Cara, too. That means I’m ready for a little brother!
Mom: Dad and I don’t know if we’re ready for a baby.
Nate: But I am! Whaa!


photo (24)


Even Later Thursday Night

Julie: Yuck!! There’s that huge moth that has been flying around in here for three days! And it’s still alive! Let me find a box to scoop you up in and set you free finally. Shiver.


DrawingPadApp (1)


Latest Thursday Night

Julie: Finally. Alone with my Costco bin of donut holes.

photo (25)

3 thoughts on “My Week in Absurd Little Drawings

  1. Oh my. What a horrible day. However, what wonderful drawings and I just love how it all went together. I didn't even hear about all of these things today. I miss you.

  2. Don't you just love weeks like that? So glad you posted it so SOMEDAY you can look back and laugh. Hope it gets better.

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