Provo River Falls

Man! These falls are so fun!! We spent a couple of hours here on our way to Mirror Lake. Next time we might just spend more time at the falls and forget the lake. Totally wicked fun.


Nate’s blurry in this picture, but I love his facial expression.


Check out the abs on my boy!! We’re gonna be in trouble with him someday.

Can you tell he had a blast??


Madeleine liked the falls, but she also liked the puddles Smile


And the branches.



Next we moved on to Mirror Lake. While the girls finished their nap in the car I snuck out and took this.
I believe it’s a horse feeder thingy. Feel free to correct me or give me the real word for it.


The kids played in the field and picked me wildflowers. So sweet.




We had fun here a couple of years ago but this time it was just crowded, dirty, and buggy.


Caroline eating a graham cracker.


“Fishing” with trash she found.


More “fishing” with trash.


Good times, family. Good times.

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