Nate, Me, and the Rockies

I’ve wanted to attend a major league baseball game for a very long time. I’m not really into watching sports on TV but I really enjoy attending games. I was so blessed to be able to go to a game with my son Nate while visiting Denver. We saw the Rockies play the Padres and really enjoyed the game. The Padres got ahead early but there were a few good opportunities to catch up late in the game that made it really exciting. Nate and I cheered for the Rockies like locals and had a great time!

We had some super dogs for dinner (not so good). Nate’s dropped his after a few bites and eventually dropped part of mine that I gave up after seeing his sad face. Ha. Good thing we had a bag of skittles……


We sat at the far end of the stadium in center field. This area of the stadium is called the Rock Pile. The tickets for this area are only 4 dollars each! What a steal for a great time!

I’m never going to forget that night. Never.

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