Madeleine @ 3 1/4


At almost 3 1/2 years old, Madeleine is a funny, headstrong (though sometimes quite lazy), playful, and beautiful little girl.

She is finally potty trained (except for an accident here and there). What seemed to make the big difference, besides sticking it out this time, was rewarding her for trying, not just for succeeding. Here she is with lip gloss that she earned.


Madeleine adores milk and bread. She would eat and drink nothing else and be perfectly happy if I let her.

Madeleine plays with her brother and sister very well. All day long they play, just as happy as can be. They rarely fight.


Madeleine got to attend a music class for a couple of weeks with her cousin, Joseph. She had such a good time and would practice on our piano at home on the days she didn’t have class. Her favorite part was playing with all the different instruments, especially the maracas.


Last week our primary held a daddy daughter date. I was in charge of the photobooth and props. Doesn’t she and her dad look smashing? They had so much fun crafting, playing games, and especially dancing. All the dads were twirling their daughters around in the air for a long time. The girls loved it and felt so special!

Our family loves Madeleine.

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