Caroline and Her Dad

I was going through our pictures for a Father’s Day project back in June and realized we were seriously lacking for photos of Caroline and her dad together. I remedied that.

Caroline loves it when her dad comes home and always wants to be held by him as soon as he walks in the door.


She is SUCH busy body! She’ll fling herself towards something she wants without regard and will hold on to what she wants for dear life.

She’s still spitting up like crazy.

Caroline is hard to take outside because all she wants to do is eat dirt and rocks.

Cara loves touch-and-feel books.

Cara loves to wrestle with the kids.

She has two top teeth coming in.

She loves cuddling and sleeping with her blankie.

Caroline doesn’t like being fed. She wants to do it herself.


And the biggest news, she’s WALKING!! How is it possible already? She has no desire to crawl. She’ll just keep standing up and walking, then fall, then stand up and walk again over and over again. So pretentious!

I love this little girl SO MUCH!

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