A Fun (and FREE) St. George Weekend

Rob had to go to St. George for a 1 day drilling assignment. Did I want to tag along? He didn’t have to ask twice. Actually, he didn’t even need to ask once. He already knew what the answer would be.

Sunday we drove down stopping at Fremont Indian State Park on the way. I was actually expecting more from it, but it was still a good spot to let the kids run around and explore the petroglyphs and fake dwellings. Maybe it would’ve been a lot better if they were old enough to go on some of the harder hikes.


Monday Rob drilled in the desert while the kids and I enjoyed our 2-room suite (sign up for the hotel rewards program and just ask!! We get upgraded for free more than half the time). We took a couple of walks and ate candy on the grass. After Rob got back we went to dinner and then to Kayenta Art Village. We had so much fun there last time that we decided to go again. It was much easier to walk around now that I’m not 7 months pregnant and HUGE and SORE. Rob also took us on a super adventurous ride in the bed of the truck. We sped up to 10 miles per hour and even went backwards! The kids loved it. We played in the dirt and ran in circles. Oh, the simple joys!


On Tuesday we left for home but we stopped at Zion National Park for their free day. Good thing it was free because we didn’t get too far up any trails. The kids just wanted to dig and dig and dig. We weren’t complaining, though. The weather was pleasant and we were in a beautiful part of the world.


Nate loves maps, just like me!

  Thanks, Rob, for letting us tag along!! We had a blast.

One thought on “A Fun (and FREE) St. George Weekend

  1. We had so much fun. You know I wouldn't have it any other way.

    And just for the record we were not anywhere close to 10 mph. More like 2 mph (idle with the brakes on). 🙂

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