ZCMI Friends


Adrienne White Ericksen, Julie Raines Snow, Dustie Thorne McDonald, Whitney Mason Barney


I worked in the ZCMI shoe department (first at the Foothill store and then at Cottonwood) from age 16-18. Some of my favorite memories of all time come from that era. I made many friends while there but the above three gals are my favorites. We’ve been good friends ever since (13 years!). We’ve been through boyfriends, jobs, cars, and marriage together. Granted, we haven’t always stayed in touch as well as we’d like; life just seems to get in the way. But I KNOW that if I ever needed ANYTHING, Adrienne, Dustie, and Whitney would be here in a heartbeat.

I love you, girls!

2 thoughts on “ZCMI Friends

  1. Oh how nice! My friends are in Europe and one is in Texas. The rest have all passed away. That is
    what old age does. Love, Maria.

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