A Year in the Making


A year ago Rob and I were sitting on our bed and decided it was time to move. It was time to sell our beloved townhome in Layton and move into a single-family home in the Salt Lake valley closer to Rob’s job in Murray. We prayed about it and it was right.

We decided to spruce up our home to get it sell-worthy, especially since there was a lot of competition in the area. We tiled the front entry, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, and dining room, replaced all the carpet, and refreshed the paint. We decided to try and sell it ourselves first before we got an agent. We listed our home, and low-and-behold, within the same two-week period 3 other townhomes went up for sale.

Nobody’s townhome sold. We got an agent eventually, but to this day, only 1 of the 5 townhomes for sale has sold. The market is too bad at the moment, I guess. So after 6 months of not selling (and frustration), we decided to rent out our home instead. We got a bite after only two days. The catch was, we’d have to be out in two weeks. So we packed everything up and moved to my parent’s house while we conducted our new home search. Two days after we moved word came that our renter had to back out. We rushed to get a new renter and two stressful weeks later we got one.

Next came our new home search. We looked in Sandy. We looked in Draper. We looked in South Jordan, Riverton, and Herriman. Most places didn’t fit what we were looking for and nothing felt right. We looked in Bountiful. Nope. We finally looked in Lehi and when we walked into this house…we knew this was it. It felt good.

Now, just because it felt right, doesn’t mean it was easy…for me, at least. There were a couple of occasions when Rob and I were going through and signing paperwork when I froze and couldn’t initial on the dotted line. Talk about commitment! I have always wanted to move every few years and live outside the state and even country, but it doesn’t look like that is in the cards for us. At least, not for a very long time. Here’s to 30+ years in Utah County…REALLY??!!

Sometimes I got indigestion thinking about it. I also felt like signing the house loan meant I was solidifying my life as a conformist suburban housewife. But then I remember all the weird feelings I had looking in all the wrong places and how good I felt when we decided to move here. I think about my children and what is the best life I can give them. The life I want for them entails living in a fun and friendly neighborhood, being close to family, having great schools, and there being plenty of other people around them with similar values. So, alas, here we are. I will subdue my exploring urges and buckle down here for a while…and be happy about it. We are extremely blessed to be able to live in this area and regardless of some of my deep down feelings, I do love it here.  

Now for the pictures. We’ll call these “Before”. Who knows how long it will take to get “After” pictures. Probably years. But that’s ok.

This home was bank-owned but in terribly good condition, considering. The whole thing has new carpet and paint.

The backyard is (was) amazing. I guess the guy who lived here spent 20 grand on it. It’ll be so nice when all the trees get bigger. We’ve been working hard pulling weeds, pruning, checking sprinklers, figuring out the lighting, and will soon be planting grass. The big rock pile is actually a water fountain and it works! We just need to make it look pretty again.

I don’t have too many pictures of the views yet, but we have a lovely view of Mount Timponogos (when it’s not cloudy), Utah Lake (a little corner of it), the mountains behind us (and gravel pits), and the freeway (so I can tell when Rob will be home a few minutes late).

This also shows the small neighborhood park just behind us and a few houses down.


Here is the entryway.

This is the loft looking towards the front door.


This is another view of the loft. It’s our favorite room in the house.


One day I’ll have this bookshelf looking awesome. Have I ever mentioned that all growing up I DREAMT of having a library with a ladder? Well! Here it is!!


Master bath. It has a separate toilet room and a walk-in closet. Our room stays so much tidier now.


Unfinished basement (for now). Rob is SO HAPPY to have somewhere to play his drums again.  

Our living room, family room, bedrooms, and the other two baths are standard so I didn’t include the pictures. They’re entirely undecorated and only half furnished anyway.  We’re trying to get things set up so we’ll be ready for parties and dinners. In the meantime, come and pay us a visit!

5 thoughts on “A Year in the Making

  1. Congrats! I can relate to what you said about wanting to move around the country but also wanting a stable life for the kids. We are moving to Kentucky for the next four years for Shawn schooling. It's not as fun to move when it actaully happens…but we are excited.

  2. I'm SO jealous! Someday you'll have to tell me how you finagle finacning 2 houses because it doesn't seem like we'll be able to sell anytime soon and we're getting antsy to get into a “real” house. The walls are closing in on us! 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful home! I'm sure that you'll enjoy the extra space and your own yard (among other thing). Oh, and I can totally relate to giving you own “dreams” up to help your children with theirs….totally worth it!

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