Kayenta Revisited

I love this picture. I want it as a big metal print.


Both times we’ve been to Kayenta Art Village outside of St. George, Utah it’s been after hours. It actually works out perfectly. The light is beautiful this time of day, there are no people to get bugged by or bug, and everything is quiet and to ourselves. Lovely.

These are some pictures I (Julie) took. We forgot the SLR at the hotel so these are just taken with our small Casio point-and-shoot…too bad.

I decided to have some ultra fun with these and max out the detail and color. I pushed them, yes I did. But doesn’t it give them an uber-cool vibe? Just like the village.

These are some very cool wind sculptures.

A close-up shot.


The  shadow of one.



Tent or ship?

Chalk art.


   These flowers look so happy.


Some less friendly cacti.

Pictures from our last trip to Kayenta are here.

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