Snowbasin & Ogden Concert

Months have passed since we took our fun day trip to Snowbasin and an outdoor concert in Ogden. Julie (as always) planned this awesome day trip that begged to be shared with you.

It all started with a picnic at Snowbasin. Julie was quite pregnant and couldn’t hike very far so we settled in to picnic in a random side-of-the-trail type of place. The PB&J, chips, and grapes were delicious.

After lunch the kids and I ran up the trail to see what trouble we could find.  We had such an awesome time and were sad that Julie missed it (although she did love the peace and quiet while we were gone).

The kids on the trail….


We finally found our way to a stream…

Rocks were thrown into the water from the bridge.

Sorties were made into the stream for rock reconnaissance and retrieval….

Is anything better than seeing kids playing in nature?  I can think of one thing, Nate’s description of swallowing vomit. This video (click for HD) is priceless.

After our adventure at Snowbasin, we made our way to The Harvest Moon Festival in downtown Ogden to listen to some live music.  We love live music.  We were all dirty from our stream shenanigans but I don’t think we stuck out too much.

Here are some of the spectators. Those cracker jacks made quite a stir….

Please enjoy these two videos showing some of the fun we had. You will also hear a sample of the band. I can’t remember the name of this particular ska band. They were fun but I don’t think the singer could hear himself very well.  uhh, yeah… For HD versions click here and here.

If you are anxious for more you can view a few more in the online gallery.

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