2010 Portraits

Being photographers, we take A LOT of pictures of our children. One thing we don’t take too often are portraits. It was time to get them done and I had been musing “the look” in my mind for months. I knew what I wanted them to wear and where we would take them. Of course, we were running late so I had to do Madeleine’s hair in the car and I couldn’t find her dress shoe that morning. Flip flops worked fine, though.

  They are such perfect kids!!! Although, Madeleine is currently uninterested in looking at the camera and smiling. Every time we try, she puts her head down and frowns. Oh, well. We got some really cute ones anyway.      

Nate is just a stud!! He loves posing for us and loves it even more if we let him goof off so he gets funny pictures of himself. He is just so handsome.


Together, they make the perfect brother/sister pair. We love you both!!! And thanks for putting up with us always snapping away at you. We just love capturing your personalities and you’ll thank us when you’re older 🙂



Now for some fun, playful, unplanned shots.

If these bazillion pictures aren’t enough, family can see even more here.

5 thoughts on “2010 Portraits

  1. These are such great photos! The kids are so big and look so cute. You guys are hired from now on to take our family photos:)See you in a little over a week.

  2. Thanks for all the photos. Both are so cute and I think that Nate in one of the pictures, looks so grown up.(4th photo down) I had to look twice to make sure it is he. Madeline is I am sure, the sweetestt looking little girl in your area.
    I wish Grandpa could have seen her and Nate. Love, Maria.

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