Valley of Fire – the Landscapes

Way back in March our family went on a camping trip to the Valley of Fire in Nevada (you can read about the trip here).

We stopped at Cove Fort on the way to Valley of Fire. It was nice and sunny and snow had fallen only the day prior to our visit. The result was quite breathtaking.

In this post we’ll share some of the stunning landscape of the park.  The image below was made just before dusk.  The mountains were completely shaded and the sky was still full of light in comparison.  The wind was very, very strong at the time which probably gave the clouds a stretchy quality.  🙂

The next image shows the expansive and sweeping space so akin to our western national parks. 

The rocks of the Valley of Fire sometimes seem to climb out of that expanse as shown by the panoramic image below made near sunrise.  See it large here or full size here.

It is really fun to try and find shapes in the various rock forms. The rocks in the image below look like E.T.

This last image is one of my favorites because of the visible “mixing” of the rock layers.  Amazing!

If you’d like to see the rest of the images and several videos we made check out the gallery.

One thought on “Valley of Fire – the Landscapes

  1. You caught some very beautiful scenes. You will have a lot to remember in your old age. Grandma Maria.

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