Up For Sale

Rob and I have been musing a move for some time now. We always planned on moving after 4 years and time has gone by so fast! With the thought in the back of our minds for the last few months, we’ve just been waiting for it to feel right. Well, now it feels right.

Our time has come to leave our great community, our simply fantastic ward and friends, and our nice little neighborhood. We’ve truly loved every minute here, but with Rob’s commute to Murray and the housing market the way it is currently, we feel it’s best to move to another area and into a bigger home.

We are planning on putting our home officially on the market in a couple of weeks (after painting and installing new flooring) but wanted to give friends and friends-of-friends and friends-of-friends-of-friends an opportunity to grab this place before it’s up for the masses. So spread the word to anyone looking for a great layout with updated decor in a small, friendly, quiet, clean townhome community.


Layton, UT
3 bedroom
2 1/2 bath
1400 sq. ft
1-car garage
Small flowerbed/garden
Mature landscaping in front and back yards
Updated: Tile floor and shower surround in master bathroom, all lighting fixtures
Soon to be updated: All flooring and paint
Swimming pool
Clubhouse (Great for family and friend get-togethers)

Here’s an unofficial picture of the area but we want to wait to do more pictures until after we’ve done our updates.

So spread the word!!

Conversely, we are looking to buy a home in the South Jordan/Riverton area so if you hear of anything come up, let us know! We’re also soliciting advice, suggestions, referrals, and anything else to help us through this craziness!

5 thoughts on “Up For Sale

  1. Good luck with it all! Buying/Selling a home is absolutely crazy, so if you need me to watch your kids while you go look at houses or something, let me know. You can drop them off on your way through SLC and then pick them up on your way back! 🙂

  2. We'll be sad to see you guys go! But totally understand the need/want for a bigger house…and private yard! Good luck with the updates and selling process. I'm excited to see how it looks with the new floors!

    p.s. I hope for selfish reasons that you are still around this summer…we want to get some fun family portraits done!

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