Favorite Shots and a Bear

These two shots of the kids are some of my favorites from the last year. There’s just something about the lighting and the treatment that shows a mysterious calm about them. They’re not smiling or showing any emotion, really. It’s just them. Simple and pure.


It’s important to blog about this member of our family. Well, past member. This is bear. Madeleine slept with it and sucked on its arm for over a year. It just got too nasty to hold on to anymore. We had to let it go free but not without getting a portrait first.


Since bear left, Madeleine has adopted a new friend named Cow. It’s really a sheep, but it looks like a cow to her. And aren’t you impressed by her creativity in naming her little friends?? Luckily, she doesn’t suck on Cow so it’s a keeper.

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