Monday Night Musings

I (Julie) should be going to bed right now. Afterall, we’ve been telling ourselves for years that we need to start going to bed by 11pm. We’ve made it to bed before midnight for the last few weeks, so that’s serious progress. Anyhow, here I am left with my musings while Rob works on editing photos. So a few thoughts…

It was mentioned in Sunday School yesterday about Abraham and his servants or whatever. All I could think about after I heard that was, “Man, I REALLY wish I had servants.” I have kids, but they’re too young to really get them to do anything that I couldn’t do in 1/100th of the time. Servants. That’s what I want.
I go grocery shopping once a week. I REALLY need to find a way to stretch that out. It’s so mundane to do it every 7 days. How can I get it down to 2 or 3 times a month?? I meal plan a week out so I can account for new recipes and using ingredients I have on hand or before they expire. But how do you plan out further than that when you still need to go buy fresh produce, milk, and bread every week? I know not everyone goes this often, so a little help would be much appreciated.
My kids have been really great lately. They play together so well that I’m left thinking, “Well, what should I do?” I already have a bunch of hobbies but I need something new. And it has to be cheap and something where I can be interrupted frequently.
We watched “Love Happens” last night and I bawled most of the way through. It was really cute, actually, and didn’t have anything gross in it at all. Another fabulous movie we saw a while ago is called “The Dish”. It’s a true story surrounding the role Australia played in the first moon walk. After a few minutes of watching this movie I turned to Rob and said, “This must not be an American film. It’s just too clever and fun.” Sure enough, it’s Australian. We both highly recommend it. Which brings me to my next point…
Netflix is great. I actually get to watch high quality movies. How great is that?! I can sort through movies and see why they’re rated what they’re rated and avoid anything that has scenes I’m uncomfortable with. I don’t have to look at all the crude movie box covers as I browse the aisles at Blockbuster and there are SO MANY more options! Hooray!
Well, Rob says he’s pretty much done with editing for the evening. So i guess we’re off to bed. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Musings

  1. Try Winder Dairy. They deliver to you once a week and if you buy organic milk its about the same price. I get bread, milk, eggs, and lettuce every week.

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