• Madeleine is usually grumpy when she wakes up from her nap. Nate was asking her if she wanted to do things with him (play games, chase, etc). After she said no a bunch of times he finally asked her, “Madeleine, do you want me recycled to a new family?” ….She remained silent….
  • Nate’s a full-fledged boy. He loves cars, Star Wars, fighting, sports, the whole bit. But the other day I bought Madeleine a My Little Pony movie since she’s been subjected to boy movies her whole 2 years of life. Well, Nate’s fallen in love. He asks to watch it twice a day. Tonight I caught him prancing, dancing, and fluttering along with the ponies…. Rob told me I need to buy some Transformer cartoons asap.
  • This afternoon I found a puddle of water on the dining room floor (not at all unusual). But then I noticed it was dripping from the heating/air conditioning register in the ceiling. Turns out, Nate and Madeleine decided to explore the registers in the upstairs bedrooms and thought it would be cool to pour a bottle of water down the one in my bedroom. In his defense, he thought the water would come out of the register located above our tv and piano….

All this and more in the last 24 hours alone.

Here’s Nate showcasing his new-found talent for blowing air into Madeleine’s teapot to get the lid to move. It looks like he’s working on…something else…Yikes!! I was laughing SO hard!! (You’ll want sound.)

Here’s another one of him “playing the trumpet”. This one is hysterical, too. Just another night at the Snow home!

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