Boise after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving afternoon we piled in the car and started a long drive up to Boise to visit my sister (Breanna) and her family.  We were especially excited for the weekend because my brother (Kelly) and my parents were all going up for the long weekend.  Nate and Madeleine were stoked to play with their cousin Joe.  🙂

There was a lot of time for the kids to play together.  My dad spent the whole weekend photographing the kids.  Here is a picture or two and a video of the kids playing around my sister’s place.

Cousin Joe sitting on Nate.  Nate was a good sport to let him do this and Joe thought it was so much fun. 

Nate playing transformers with his uncles.

And a video showing how to get a lot of exercise on vacation.  Click here if you can’t see the video.

We visited the Boise Discovery Center on a VERY cold afternoon and all had a blast.  What a fun place.  I know I could spend hours there without my kids! I made a couple of fun pics while there and hope you enjoy them.

What happens when Nate makes a giant bubble?

Bubble particles fly everywhere!

You can catch a few more pictures from the Discovery Center like these here on our site.  Here is a fun one of me and Julie.

We attempted to make a visit to the Boise State Penitentiary; however, we arrived much too early and settled on French pastries instead.  Good Call!

Here is a cute picture that my dad got of the kids out side the penitentiary.  Very Cute!

Here we are walking the streets of Boise.

We did various other things on the other days and had such a great time.  Kelly and I took Breanna’s husband (Gene) to a see As Tall as Lions and Minus the Bear. These bands just happened to be coming through town over Thanksgiving weekend.  Hooray for us!!!  We had a total blast and the music was great!

It was great to spend time as a family.  What a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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