He’s 4

Nate turned the big 4. He’s a serious stud.

Here’s the ultrasound video of when Rob and I found out we were having a baby boy. Unfortunately we missed the part where he crossed his legs and put his hands behind his head, and yawned. It was so cute!


Here are just a few things out of his mouth just this week.

  • He spilled a cup of milk and ruined a library book. I told him the library wasn’t going to be too happy and he asked, “Will the library put me in jail?”
  • He reached under the oven with tongs and pulled out a wad of paper. He exclaimed, “I am a GENIUS! Mom! I am a GENIUS!”
  • He LOVES fast, loud music. Think Reliant K, Weezer, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, etc. He wants a black electric guitar. Rob introduced “Tin Man” by Animal Kingdom to him and he asks me all the time if I’ll turn it on loud. One time he brought his dot-to-dot book to me and said “I want to listen to this song this many times (25).”
  • He was helping me put his birthday invitations for his cousins in envelopes and putting stamps on them when he said, “I’m just like a real mailman!”
  • We were looking at a book about animals and there was a picture of a mother opossum carrying her babies on her back. He asked if it was because their feet popped off.

Those really are just a few of the funny things he has said. We’re always laughing at his silly comments.

And lastly, here are a couple pictures from his birthday party. Thanks, everyone, for coming and for the gifts! It’s a crazy time of year for a birthday, but we really appreciate you taking the time to come show Nate how much he’s loved.

Playing with his remote control monster truck.

Family can see a few more pics from the birthday party here.

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