Our Trip to Penn State – Part 3

This is the final installment of our trip to Pennsylvania. For the last day there, we decided to spend it walking around Philadelphia. Rob and I are city walkers. Every city we visit we just love to walk and walk and walk. What better way to see somewhere new? So we returned our rental car, strapped the kids into strollers, and off we went for a good 9 hours of pedestrian fun.

We started at City Hall.

Then walked up through JFK Plaza

to Logan Circle.

We’ve always wanted to check out a big city library so we visited the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Then walked down 18th street and shared an authentic Philly Cheesesteak for lunch.

We chased and took pictures of the pigeons in Rittenhouse Square.

Then walked along Locust street, turned down the Avenue of the Arts, and then onto Antique Row.

At this point, the kids were tuckered out and each fell asleep in their stroller. Rob and I walked through Society Hill on our way to…

Independence Park. Originally, we had planned to take turns going on the tour through Independence Hall, but since the kids were asleep, we decided to try to go together. Sure enough, 3 minutes in, they both woke up. Then 6 minutes later we had to leave our tour to cross the street and find a bathroom for Nate. So, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of the famous building where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written.

But we did get to see the Liberty Bell.

Then we walked through Old City, passed Betsy Ross’ House, and to Elfreth’s Alley (the oldest, continuously inhabited street in all of America).

We saw the Ben Franklin Bridge, then walked a circle back to Market street. On Market street we suddenly seemed out of place being Caucasian and found ourselves amongst multitudes of “bling” shops. Not just any bling, rapper bling. And wig shops. Quite interesting.

We ate dinner at Reading Terminal Market before catching the train back to our hotel.

My favorite thing about Philadelphia is all the small, tree-lined, cobblestoned streets with beautifully painted antique doors and shutters. It’s so different from what we have here.

Our trip was great. We are SO thankful we got to visit Grandma Maria. Nate wanted to look at a map the other day and asked where Great Grandma Raines lives. It was such a blessing to be able to take my kids to meet her. They have great memories of her, which was my whole hope for this trip.

2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Penn State – Part 3

  1. I know that I loved all the photos. The kids really enjoyed themselves.
    There is no sign that they were tired. It is so cute of Nat to ask for a map. I bet now he thinks it is a lot closer to our house. I am glad all of you got to see Philadelphia. I have been there but did not see much because Grand Dad
    was in the hospital there. It was never any fun going anywhere without him so I got to see a lot of the hospital.
    Take care and love to all four of you. Great Grandma, Maria.

  2. Julie! I didn't know you had a connection out in PA. We were just out there over Halloween. Vince grew up just north of Gettysburg in Carlisle, PA. Your trip sounds awesome and I'm amazed, no, dumbfounded that you took your kids with you! Great shots, BTW!

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