Some Raines Kids

A couple of weekends ago Rob and I text messaged a couple of family members letting them know that if they wanted some quick, easy portraits taken to come on over to my parent’s house the next evening and we’d have a little photoshoot. My sister-in-law, Teresa, replied right away saying she wanted to get 3 of her 4 her kids’ portraits done. So after eating dinner at my parent’s house, we headed into the living room (I mean, photo studio) and got some cute pictures taken.

Teresa told me that she had to cancel her appointment at Kiddie Kandids TWICE because she just couldn’t get all her kids dressed and over to the store when her appointment time came. And just the thought of sitting there for over an hour in the cramped, un-fun store with the crazy kids did NOT sound fun to her. I don’t blame her!! I did that once before we started into photography and it was not something I’d ever want to do again. This was so much easier! The kids sat on the chair, we made funny faces, then got a few cute smiles. DONE! Eezy Schmeezy. Tons less stress on kids, tons less stress on mom.  

Michael. Look at that smile! Soooo cute!!!

Addison. Such a sweetheart.

Justin: A handsome boy.

Addison cheesing it up for the camera.

Justin hamming it up for the camera.

Two of them with their mom.

Chase wasn’t able to be there that night, but we’ll for sure get him next time. Family can see more pictures here.

One thought on “Some Raines Kids

  1. Rob & Julie, thanks for those fotos. All of Teresa's kids are pretty children. I am surprised how much one her sons looks like Brian. It kinda startled me. It was such a good idea to come up with taking photos of the children and Teresa too, of course. She always has such a big happy smile. Maria.

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