Thankful For…

My kids’ hat hair after we’ve played outside in the snow.

The feeling I have while walking from the gym to my car after completing a challenging workout.

Finally getting the master bedroom painted.

Successfully cutting Rob’s hair into a discreet fauxhawk.

The courage to give a neighbor the Conference edition of the Ensign.

Ego-Nutella sandwiches.

Rob and I finally getting to watch The Office, Modern Family, and The Daily Show on Hulu tonight.

My mom’s turkey (and mashed potatoes. and rolls. and pies.)

Visiting Rob’s sister and family in Boise over the long weekend.

New sheets.

Pictures we take that are actually good and the enjoyment we get out of creating art.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Rob’s family on Wednesday night. 2 Thanksgivings = pure joy.

A warm house.

Funyuns (Gross, I know).

Madeleine learning a new word every day (although her favorites are still “don’t” “stop it” and “mine.”)

Cub scouts being almost fully stocked with great leaders and enthusiastic boys.

My wedding ring coming back from the jewelers nicely cleaned and replated.

Rob allowing me to be completely honest about my feelings. Our communication is top-notch.

Nate having a bunch of friends to play with outside every afternoon.

The reassurance I get every day from knowing the Plan of Salvation and that my Heavenly Father loves me.

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