Playtime in Black & White

A week or two ago I did a playtime photo shoot with the kids.  I used my new 35mm f/1.8 lens for these shots and just love the sharpness and feel this lens gives.  I set up a flash on the windowsill which I directed towards the ceiling on 1/8th power and shot manual (1/100s at f/3.5).  Had such a fun time.  I hope you all like the fun and random images. 🙂













I hope you enjoyed these photos. Impromptu images of the kids are a lot of fun. I love getting down on their level. Family and Friends can view the gallery here if they want to download these images or order some prints. My kids are just so cute!

3 thoughts on “Playtime in Black & White

  1. I saw two very cute little kids and some well done photos. Keep on enjoying them. They grow up so fast. Love, Grandma.

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