Julie’s History Questions 1-7

I decided it would be fun to get a personal history account into my blog. I’m not up for a big project so I decided to take a few questions at a time and answer them simply rather than do a complete write-out. So here are the 1st seven questions. Every once in a while I’ll add some more.


1. What did my father do for a living?

My dad was (and is still) a conservator for the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City.

2. Did my mother work outside the home?

My parents started their own business publishing a ship-building magazine (my dad’s hobby). They owned it for a couple of years before they sold it but they continued to run the entire operation for 15ish years.

3. Did I get any allowance as a child?

No. There were periods of time when we’d earn a quarter or so for each chore performed.

4. Did your family have a garden?

Oh, yes. A pretty big one. My parents loved to have us weed for Family Home Evening. We always enjoyed the food, but us kids never liked the work it took.

5. What type of house did I live in as a child?

My family lived in a few houses, but the one that I grew up in was a typical 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in a typical Taylorsville neighborhood. My parents continually expanded it by adding an office, a washroom, a dining room, and a cellar.

6. Did I have a yard?

We lived on a corner lot so we had yard surrounding the house on all four sides. The front and front-side lawns were kept nice. In the back there was one corner reserved for the dog, one corner reserved for the garden, and the side-back yard was reserved for us kids. We had a swingset, a trampoline, a playhouse, we dug holes, and pretty much tore the place up. Great times.

7. As a child, did I have a room of my own?

I didn’t have my own room until I was about 11. The 5 kids that were living at home all took turns sharing rooms with one another.


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