I Do…I Don’t

Mommy version:

I DO make my kids try any food they haven’t tried before. I DON’T want them to be afraid of trying new things.

I DON’T make them eat too much of what they don’t like (but some). Rob and I are picky eaters so who am I to force on my kids what I, myself, am not willing to do?

I DO let Nate chose his outfits most of the time. There are so many other important things I have to nag him about.

I DON’T give my kids a bath more than twice a week. I probably should…

I DO make them brush their teeth every day.

I DO give Nate the freedom to play outside without my constant supervision; although, I DO check up on him every so often.

I DON’T let Madeleine play outside as much as I should because she needs constant supervision. She is a wanderer and so I have to follow her around and, quite frankly, I get bored. Especially when it’s just so hot out there. 

I DO apply sunscreen on my kids 80% of the time they’re in the sun. I should do it 100%.

I DON’T let crying get to me.

I DO let whining get to me.

I DON’T play with them very well. I’m not much of a player.

I DO read to them, cook with them, color alongside them, and cuddle them.

I DON’T buy movies. We own maybe 10 and all but 1 were given to us.

I DO take them to the library every week for movie rentals and a big bag of books.

I DON’T talk about Jesus and the Gospel enough in our every day conversation.

I DO have prayers, scripture study, and Family Home Evening with them.

I DON’T worry about Nate being a mean kid to others. He’s a very nice boy.

I DO have a good bedtime schedule for them; 7:15 and 8:30.

I DON’T mind them waking up at 7am (even though I’d prefer 8). I’d rather have the quiet at night when Rob’s home.

I DO clean my house frequently.

I DON’T think you’d be able to tell.

I DO take a nap every day whenever I get a chance, mostly during a cartoon.

I DON’T nap as much as I’d like…which would be 3-4 times a day.

I DO get bored of the routine.

I DON’T get bored of being the mom of two fantastically fun and smarter-than-their-own-good kiddos.

3 thoughts on “I Do…I Don’t

  1. I am too embarrassed to post my don't on my blog! LOL! I love this. It goes to show that there are so many people that worry about getting everything perfect when infact it is the smaller things that will make a difference.

    You are the coolest Julie! Your kids are super lucky to have you!

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