An Open House for Tara



In late March of this year, my cousin Tara married Mike in Green Valley, Arizona.  They held an open house in Logan on the 3rd of July at the family restaurant LeNonne.  I haven’t had a lot of time to hang out with Mike but he comes across as a very warm, kind, and friendly guy.  We’re happy to include him in the family.  He is lucky to have won over my cool cousin Tara.  As you can tell from the images, Tara is a fun-loving and happy woman.  We are so happy for both of you and wish you the best!




The people, the place, the food, the occasion, the details were beautiful!  We spent almost the entire day surrounded by family, fun, and good food.  Thanks to Tara and Mike for getting married so we could have such a great party and to Tara’s family for putting it all together.  It was great!  We hope you like the pictures.  Friends and family can view the rest of the gallery here (you shouldn’t have any trouble with the password).




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