Love for Le Nonne

Rob’s cousin is married to an authentic Italian. His food will prove it. They own a restaurant in Logan called Le Nonne (The Grandmothers). I could tell you all about it, but you might think I’m biased. So here’s a 2007 article from KSL that will explain it perfectly.

One of the places in Italy to find phenomenal food is to go north, to Tuscany. Well, last week I found phenomenal Italian food here in Utah by going north, to Logan. Logan is home to one of the best Italian restaurant I’ve eaten in anywhere, a lovely little place called Le Nonne, which means “the grandmothers” in Italian.

Le Nonne is the endeavor of Tuscan-born and raised PierAntonio Micheli and his wife Stephanie. And together, they’ve created a truly magical slice of Tuscany up in Logan. I remembered Chef Micheli’s nummy gnocchi from his old Salt Lake restaurant called Il Capricio. And that homemade gnocchi is still the best I’ve ever eaten. But before diving into that exquisite gnocchi I treated myself to Le Nonne’s beef carpaccio: slices of filet mignon so thin you can see through them, topped with fresh arugula, a squeeze of lemon, olive oil, and shaved parmesan.

Chicken and beef choices at Le Nonne are plentiful and served in generous portions by a skilled, friendly staff. I highly recommend pollo al funghi, which is pounded, lightly floured boneless breast of chicken sautéed with champignon mushrooms and finished in a marvelous Marsala sauce. And I also loved my order of tagliata. That’s a plate of thinly sliced New York steak medallions topped with fresh Italian herbs, garlic, and extra-virgin olive oil.

So for authentic Italian cooking that would make Italian grandmas proud, you’ll need to head north to Le Nonne in Logan.

May I just suggest the bruschetta?? Oh. So. Good.

The whole family was at the restaurant last Saturday to celebrate the marriage of a cousin. While there, I took advantage of the setting to take some shots. I like what I got, but I wish I would’ve gotten a shot of the other dining room and the back patio (with live music on the weekends). Beautiful.

Le Nonne

Front of Le Nonne

Le Nonne (2)

Rob at Le Nonne

Door to Le Nonne

Le Nonne Window

Dining at Le Nonne 

Le Nonne

5 thoughts on “Love for Le Nonne

  1. What a beautiful setting for such a wonderful place to eat. All that is missing is a few of the dinners – Suggestion finish with a few more photos of guests. Purchase a video picture frame add a few more of your fine art portraiture Etc. include restuarant information and your photo contact information/cards. It will make a fine addition as guests enter the restuarant.

  2. Love your pics. That first one should be framed. We will have to try that place out. Both Zach and I love italian food.

  3. I'll have to try it, being both of us are from Cache Valley. Where is it located? Thanks for the tip on a yummy place to eat.

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