My (Julie) brother got married last month and Rob and I took the pictures of the ceremony and reception. Cammie had a friend do her bridals, so you won’t see any formal portraits here. Mark and Cammie have been together for almost 2 years and have a super sweet daughter named Racheal.

When they were deciding on a date, my mom called the meteorology station to inquire which day in the month of June had the least chance of rain (historically, speaking). They were planning an outdoor event in my parents’ beautiful backyard. But, as you all know, June was very wet. Sure enough, June 20th came and it poured all day. The festivities were quickly moved to the church and ended up being perfect anyway.

Some of my favorites are the black and white “getting ready” shots. I’ve always loved the photojournalistic style. Candids really are where it’s at. Rob and I follow (online) a number of top photographers from around the world (why not get inspiration from the best??) and one thing all of them have in common is the ability to capture the emotions of the moment. I think black and white is especially appropriate for this because it draws the attention to the faces and dilutes the distractions from the heart of the shot.  

My other favorite shots are, of course, the details. Still life is beautiful. One thing that I don’t particularly like among many photographers is the use of extreme shallow depth of field…especially when it comes to flower or nature shots. Flowers are so intricate and one of the supreme creations on this earth. Why blur?? I like to get as close and as sharp as possible so the real gorgeousness can be seen and appreciated.

Here’s a slideshow we put together for the couple. Family and friends can see the rest of the pictures here.

A big congratulations to Mark, Cammie, and Racheal. We love you!

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