Camping with Nate – The Pond

Logan Canyon-1011

At the end of May, Nate and I went camping in Logan Canyon.  We had a lot of fun cooking Hebrew National hotdogs.  They are so good and Nate ate 1.5 of them!  He never eats that much!!!!!  We cooked a bunch of marshmallows and made s’mores (Nate didn’t really like either of them).  I later learned that there is quite a precedence in the family for haters of roasted marshmallows and s’mores. (More camping pictures Here).

Logan Canyon-1040

We plan on making a father – son campout an annual event.  It was such a good opportunity to bond and get to know my son.  I love him so much.

The next day the girls came up the canyon to play.  We ran around the campground for a while and then made our way into Logan.  We played in the river near the mouth of the canyon and had a grand time.  Afterwards we got some ice cream at The Bluebird.  Yummy!  It was such a cool place to have a snack before heading home!

Logan Canyon-1074

4 thoughts on “Camping with Nate – The Pond

  1. Looks like two very happy guys. Aren't you afraid that someone will run off with little
    Madeline? She is the cutest. Grandma Maria.

  2. I LOVE Logan Canyon. Being from there I feel like it's my canyon. Glad you had fun. Sounds like a great tradition you're starting.

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