A Few Days Before…


…the JOY;

…the FEAR;

…the PEACE;

…the PAIN;

…the RELIEF;




I (Julie) asked my friend, Kelli, if I could practice taking portraits using her and her belly as my subjects. I take a lot of fine art photographs but I haven’t had much practice with portraits. The technical aspects (aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc.) are not my strong points and make me nervous. But Kelli was willing and Rob tutored me beforehand, so I jumped right in hoping for the best.


I think Kelli looks gorgeous! I am so jealous that I’m not that cute when pregnant, especially almost 9 months pregnant. This was only a handful of days before her little girl made her appearance. She looks so calm and lovely.


Thanks again, Kelli, for letting me take your picture. I can’t wait to come visit you, your son, and your new daughter.



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