Erica & Aspen

Erica 1

Some friends of ours invited us to dinner and asked us to take pictures of their daughters. We were more than happy to oblige!

Erica and Nate are so alike. They’re both energetic and happy. They have so much fun playing together, egging each other on. When Nate saw her pictures on my computer, he was so excited and said, “Hey! That’s Erica! Mom, I love Erica.”

Aspen is such a sweetheart. She was awake for most of the shoot, which is pretty amazing for a 2-week-old. It was fun to get to see her beautiful eyes.

If you’ve ever taken your kids to get their pictures taken at a photo studio, you know what I mean by stress! First, you have to get the kids clean and dressed and to the studio on time, then you end up waiting forever in a boring waiting area (aka, chairs in a corner), all the while you’re just praying that the baby doesn’t wake up and need feeding and your toddler/preschooler doesn’t run out the door, and then after you and your kids are at whit’s end, there is such a small window of opportunity to get a smile. Yeah, right…most of the time it ends up being a wet-eyed half-smile. It’s so much more fun and relaxing when the photographer comes to you!! The kids and adults can just play, visit, snack, and wait for the perfect moments to present themselves. Oh, the sweetness! Much better than the alternative!

Here are a few of the sweet shots. Remember to keep us in mind next time you want a fun-filled and relaxing photo session!

Side Note: We blurred out the last name on Aspen’s announcement, so that’s why it looks weird.

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