Foto Friday – Around the Corner

Foto Friday - Around the Corner

Taken with the Nikon D40 in Boise, Idaho on April 4, 2009. Aperture-Priority Exposure Mode, 18mm, 1/20 sec at f/5.0 ISO 800, -2.0 exposure compensation, Nikon Raw Format converted to Adobe DNG format. Edited in Lightroom 2.3

Here is another image from our trip to Boise a few weeks ago.  I (Rob) wanted this to feel really dark so I shot it at EV –2.0 (two stops darker than the “normal” exposure). I came across the dark hallway and got the shutters.  I had to photograph it so I could share that creepy feeling (your welcome). Much of the penitentiary is painted in a sickly green color which really works well with a lot of the photos I took. I slightly emphasized the greens and browns here (with split toning) and increase the blacks a little.  In fact, this image is very dark and I’m afraid that some of you may not really get to see it well without a calibrated monitor.  😦   I guess you’ll have to come by the house and look at the print.  🙂  

It has been a crazy week with computer outages with failed hard drives on our main computer.  I’ve also had tons of issues with my work laptop and after two visits from HP (one motherboard and screen later) we decided to ship it out to HP for repair.  😦   Crazy Man!  I got the images from our Southern Utah Trip into Lightroom last night so you can expect to start seeing some of those images soon.  Sweet! Graduation today and Star Trek tomorrow.  The weekend is looking up!  Peace.

4 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Around the Corner

  1. We’re so sorry we forgot your graduation until we read this! We really are proud of the wonderful man you are and the great work ethic you have. Next to Julie and your parents, we’re the most blessed to have you in our lives.

  2. Great shot. One of my favorites by far. Nice work. Neat place to take pictures too!

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