Foto Friday – Her Special Day

Jake & Karen-11

~Written by Julie~

Obviously, it’s not Friday. Last week was crazy. Between Nate getting sick (don’t worry, not with the Swine Flu), our hard drive crashing (we knew this was inevitable, yet our new one is still in “Shipped” status. GRRR.), and then leaving on our awesomely awesome weekend trip to awesome southern Utah, it just didn’t happen. Did you follow that sentence??

So, since I don’t have access to my computer, I don’t have access to any new pictures. But here is one that I really like that was taken last month when my sister was sealed to her husband and daughter. I have to give props to Rob for actually lighting and taking the picture, but I edited it and she looks like a little angel! I love the glimmer in her eyes, her rosy cheeks, and the drool on her chin.

To get this shot, Rob and I used our magical powers…
I could do a lengthy write-up on all the tech aspects of the shot, both at the camera and at the computer, but I don’t want to. We got home a couple of hours ago and we’re tired. If you truly want all the dirt on this shot, you can read it here.

A bientot.

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