Yes, a Little Obsessive Compulsive

At least with one thing…travel planning (this is Julie). I love planning the PERFECT trip. I really do believe that it’s an art.

Take, par example, this weekend trip Rob and I will be taking to Southern Utah. Do I just plan where we will be camping and decide on a few hikes? No way. I memorize entire maps of the area. I research every single hike and decide which are perfect for us. I look into any special events or celebrations that may be taking place around the area we’ll be staying. I look at pictures online of where we’ll be visiting to help decide if they’re up to my expectations, I talk to people I know who have been there and get recommendations, study transportation options, and so, so much more. And this is just a two-nighter camping trip! You should see me on a weeklong trip out of the country….INSANE.

I know what you’re thinking, where is my sense of adventure? Of exploring and finding things on my own? Well, don’t worry, I plan time for that into my trip, too! I don’t plan every minute, I leave breathing room to adjust plans, explore, and just relax. What about flexibility? I find it much easier to be flexible with my plans when I know my alternatives. I also make sure to plan something special for each person in the traveling party, something that they’d just really have a lot of fun doing.

I enjoy going somewhere and never getting lost and not wasting time. I know where everything is and the best way to get there. I enjoy knowing the history behind what we’re seeing. I like being the “guide.”

So, yes, it takes me hours and hours to plan a 3-day trip, but I really enjoy the process and the results are phenomenal. Aren’t some of your most cherished memories from vacations?? It sure seems that way with most people. That’s why I put so much effort into planning great vacations. If it is planned well (meaning right location, time of year, accommodations, and activities), if it goes smoothly, if everyone has a chance do to something that really interests them, if there is relaxation time, and it’s planned for the specific family and budget, you’ll have magical lifetime memories.    

You can call me crazy, but I’m not. The payoff is well worth it!!

3 thoughts on “Yes, a Little Obsessive Compulsive

  1. You know, I have been on several vacations that Julie put together. I can’t describe those vacations as having too many things to do. Curiously, we don’t feel rushed at all. She plans enough downtime to relax. When it comes to travel, I married a wizard. Like Inigo Montoya. 🙂

  2. Wow! That is so impressive. Remind me to call you next time we are planning a trip. My dad likes to plan things like that as well, but you end up having twice as much to do as there is time for and you come home exhausted. This sounds like you are much better at it. Oh, and I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get back too.

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