Sleep, Love, Bronze, and Grass

I (Rob) feel sort of lazy today so don’t expect too many sly remarks and witty quips. I just feel like posting some photos and catching up on some photo back log. First a couple pictures of sleep. Sleep is really nice, it feels so good but I just wish it didn’t take so much time! Can I just say that I’m really glad that I wasn’t drooling in these photos? The first image is fun but pretty blah; however, the second photo is pretty dang cute. Thank you Julie for taking these!



Now for some pictures of love.  Here are a few more pictures from the photos we took last year around Thanksgiving.  We have sort of posted photos from this night all over (here, here, here) but these last three finish them off. It is great to be in love with such a great woman!

 Rob & Julie Kiss     Rob & Julie

Julie is such a cute and sexy girl. 

The lovely Julianna

Now for some bronze.  I enjoy photographing sculptures in bronze.  I find something interesting and alive in the reflective quality of bronze (another bronze).  This image was taken in Washington City next to an old school house.  I call it the teacher (Samuel Adams).

the teacher 

simple things

Simple Things

2 thoughts on “Sleep, Love, Bronze, and Grass

  1. Thanks for stopping by Andrew. Julie follows and enjoys your blog as well. Although, I must say I am concerned with the rumors of cell phone greasing licking that have been coming my way.

    Thank you for the compliments. We enjoy what we do. 🙂 I think Danielle is currently working on something with Julie. Thanks for the offer!

  2. Rob & Julie,

    What great photos you have on your blog! I browse from time to time and I wanted to compliment you on having such a professional quality to your work.

    I hear from Danielle that you have a project at home to work on. Danielle and I would love to collaborate with you. We're always excited for a challenge.

    Feel free to contact us anytime. And keep taking great photos!

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