Foto Friday – More Love

Foto Friday - Best Duo

I went way back to November of last year and pulled this picture from a shoot we still haven’t finished editing (ugh). This is not the most perfectly shot picture, but that’s to be expected when I’m running back and forth from the camera and into position (this was before we had a remote). Anyway, it’s not the perfect shot technically, but it’s the perfect shot in what it represents.

Rob and I were fast friends when we met. We quickly began doing everything together and still do. There’s no one else we’d rather be with…ever.

We have always loved staying up late in the night conversing. We love discussing, debating, dissecting, delineating, and deliberating with each other. Our minds and hearts expand when we do this. 

Our personalities compliment each other insanely well. We each have qualities that the other may lack. We understand each other’s limits and potential.

We really do try to put the others’ needs above our own.

I love this man with more love than I thought a person could love.

4 thoughts on “Foto Friday – More Love

  1. You guys have an amazing relationship! You can see in each others eyes how much you really do love each other! AWESOME!!!

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