Julie’s Wednesday Wonderings

What picture should I post for Foto Friday? I’m not feeling as inspired as I’d like to be by the photos I have to choose from. I want to explore my design and creative side of photography. I think a lot more about lighting, positioning, mood, etc. than I used to. Not just when looking at other photographs, but in nature, too. I feel my perspective broadening. Yesterday while driving in the rain I was picturing in my head a photoshoot I’d love Rob and I to set up and shoot sometime. It would involve a camera with very high ISO, natural-looking lighting (that we had set up), a large, empty parking lot with street lights, pouring rain, and a male model in a tux, soaking wet and serious. Then contrast that with a female model dressed up in a gown, soaking wet and having the time of her life. I’d like to explore that side of photography more. The creating side, not just the capture side. Anyone interested in being our pawn?

Today is the kind of day where I wish I could just work on a project from start to finish, all day long. That NEVER happens anymore. In fact, it hasn’t for over 3 years now.

As you’ve probably guessed, I love the rain. Love, love, love it. It makes me feel human and connected somehow. It now also reminds me of San Francisco. It was so romantic and lovely.

I have 3 wipes left in the house. Wonder how long I can go before I have to make the trip to Walmart…

I like my new hairstyle…short a-line and blonde. It’s been a while since I’ve been blonde and I feel like it’s given me a little pick-me-up. The style is shorter than I was intending, but it’s good.

I’m really tired of snot running out of Madeleine’s nose. It’s been weeks. I constantly have dried snot stains on my shoulders from her rubbing her face on me.

I’m super excited for the weekender Rob and I are going on in May. Byway 12, here we come! We’re going to enjoy some adult hiking (non-paved trail required), camping, photography, and good ‘ole-fashioned nature. At the same time, I wonder when we’ll ever be able to go on a big trip again. We used to go on a grand vacation to somewhere somewhat exotic and far away. But with two kids and more bills, it seems impossible to do now. But we’ll make it happen sometime. That reminds me…

I found an old journal entry from June 27, 2001 (I was 19). 

  “Oh, what a long day it’s been! I was up at 7am to finish packing and was at the bus station at 8:30am. Three hours later I was at the London Heathrow Airport where my flight was again delayed 45 minutes. I arrived in Paris at 5pm and caught the RER at 6pm. Then I walked around the 5th and 6th arrondisements for 2 hours trying to find the foyer (hostel) I was supposed to stay at for the night. There I was, dragging around my big, heavy suitcase, my heavy backpack, and my purse with a map of Paris in my back pocket. I don’t think I was very inconspicuous… I kept going in circles. I finally found the place and by then they were closed. So I sat in the stairwell trying to figure out what to do. I decided to spend extra money and stay in a hotel just for tonight until I get everything figured out. I went to 6 different hotels and they were all booked! It was 9pm and I was still out on the streets homeless. I finally found one, went up to the room and cried. I was tired, frustrated, confused, and lonely.”

Ahhhh, good times…….

3 thoughts on “Julie’s Wednesday Wonderings

  1. I am an expert at stretching things out likes wipes, diaper, milk etc! And like you am sick of the runny noses. Maybe if it would stop snowing!

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