Breanna’s Recital at Boise State

Last weekend we packed into our car and made our way north to visit my sister (Breanna) and her family.  Breanna and her husband Gene are attending school at Boise State.  Breanna is finishing up this semester (well done Breanna!) and had her final piano recital.  We had a blast hanging out with them and visiting some fun parts of Boise.  It really is a fairly cool place (more on this forthcoming). 

We spent a ton of time with family (my parents and my mom’s parents came up too).  Gene’s dad lives in Boise and his mom also came into town so that was really nice.  Nate and Mad had a great time playing with their cousin Joseph!  It was so cute to see them all playing together. 

Breanna asked us to take some portraits for her before her recital.  Of course we were thrilled to do so and have complied a few for you to enjoy on Flickr (set and slideshow).  Family and friends have access to a few more shots here on our website.  She did an amazing job!  Absolutely amazing!  She played a few pieces; some of which I am very familiar and others I am not.  I’m very proud of her for developing this talent so much.  For those of you that know Breanna, she’ll be in town during the month of May and is planning on holding a recital in SLC.  It will be the social event of the year!  I’ll post the recital information here when it is finalized. 

We are so proud of Breanna for working so hard and completing her degree!  Gene has also been working like crazy and is just a semester behind Breanna.  Well done both of you! 

3 thoughts on “Breanna’s Recital at Boise State

  1. Thanks Andrea! It is nice to get some encouragement. Julie did a great job with the post-processing with these. Great colors and mood I agree. She does such a great job. Breanna was incredible. She played a movement of Rach 2nd that just blew us all away.

  2. Very cool you guys. I am always so impressed with your passion for photography and Breanna’s passion for the piano. She has played for me before and is AMAZING!! You all have such great gifts. Maybe someday I will have the time to focus on my “passions”. You photos catch the mood very well by the way.

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