Foto Friday – “new cellhouse”

new cellhouse

Taken with the Nikon D40 in Boise, Idaho on April 4, 2009. Aperture-Priority Exposure Mode, 28mm, multiple exposures at f/5.6, ISO 200, Nikon Raw Format converted to Adobe DNG format. Edited in Lightroom 2.3.

We went up to Boise over the weekend to visit my (Rob) sister Breanna and her family.  She is finishing her degree at Boise State and held her final piano recital (pictures forthcoming).  Julie and I took the kids to the Old Idaho Penitentiary that sits just outside of downtown.  It only took us 4 minutes to get there!  It was not very crowded and the access to various parts of the penitentiary was wonderful.  It was amazing to be there.  A very moody place to be sure!

The photo above is a composite of 7 images with varied exposures also known as high dynamic range (HDR) photography.  I wish I had time to say more about this image and the place.  After the compositing I worked through about 5 different concepts for this image and liked this one the best.  Convert to black and white, tone curve adjustments, sharpening, black level, and advanced vignetting.  That’s all for today.  See you tomorrow at the photowalk!

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