RJ Snow Photography Photowalk at Temple Square

Foto Friday - Peace and Purpose

Right on the heels of the Exposure workshop we are announcing the spring photowalk to be held at Temple Square on Saturday April 11, 2009 at 8am.  It is kind of early; however, we want to go for the best light possible.  The sun will have just risen to bathe all the east facing areas with superb light.  We selected the week after general conference when the area is a little less packed; however, the tulips should still look great and we may even have some blossoms. 

We expect the event to last for a couple of hours; however, as usual we can stay as little or as long as we would like.  After the photowalk, those interested can meet at the Nauvoo Cafe (menu) for a late breakfast or early lunch.  To RSVP a spot please leave a comment in this post or send us an email using this form.  See you at the photowalk!

3 thoughts on “RJ Snow Photography Photowalk at Temple Square

  1. I’ll talk to Josh and see if we can make it out to this one. We had a good time last time and learned lots of good things!

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