Foto Friday – His House

His House 1

I cheated this week. Rob actually took these pictures. He didn’t think they were any good and wanted to delete them. But I sure do! I decided to post-process them and really like how they turned out. I had a lot of things planned to say regarding this week’s Foto Friday. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick all day so I just don’t have the energy. 

But I will say that I love going to the temple. It’s a house of worship, a house of learning, a house of prayer. It’s the Lord’s house. We’re very blessed to have so many temples around the world, over 120! It gives so many people the opportunity to feel our Heavenly Father’s presence and gives us an eternal perspective. We feel so loved when we’re there. I know the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true.

Here are a few other St. George Temple shots. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Foto Friday – His House

  1. Why wouldn’t he like that photo? It’s gorgeous! It looks like it ought to be on a calendar or something.I appreciated your testimony at the end, Julie. It was extremely edifying and uplifting!

  2. Julie, I agree, the temples are very beautiful buildings. Granddad and I havebeen in one of the churches in Salt Lake City with your parents and we both thought that they were so nice and restful. We heard a choir there and itsounded like the angels singing.

  3. Thanks Julie–those are just beautiful and I needed that. I’m so glad you didn’t delete them. I don’t know how any picture of the temple could be bad.

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