Foto Friday – stripe


Taken with the Nikon D40 in Zion National Park, Utah on October 19, 2008. Aperture Priority Exposure Mode, 26mm, 1/125 sec at f/4.5, ISO 400, Nikon Raw Format converted to Adobe DNG format. Edited in Lightroom 2.2.

A quick and late post for today.  I wanted to post another image from Zion National Park and I chose this one.  I really enjoy the lines of this photo and chose to emphasize that in my treatment.  It reminds me of a zebra jumping over a rock or a pool.  I’m really sorry that I don’t have time to share and explain more; I’ll do better next time!  If you have a specific question about the image then let me know in the comments.  I hope you enjoy this photo and make time to enjoy yourself behind the lens (even in the cold)!  

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