Want to Survive during a BIG Earthquake?

I attended the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) annual meeting today in SLC.  It was a great meeting and I will not bore you with the details.  I did learn about something really cool and really important.  I’m confident that we will have a similar exercise here along the Wasatch Front in the next couple of years. 

Late last year southern California held “The Great Southern California ShakeOut” which was a public drill to generate earthquake awareness and disseminate information to help save lives, identify weak points in the infrastructure, and shortfalls in preparedness.  The following videos (click here if you get this via email) show some of that information which is very applicable to us along the Wasatch Front.  Please watch and share these!

If you have ever heard of the “triangle of life” approach, forget everything you learned in that email.  This page clearly covers the many reasons not to follow the “triangle of life” recommendations (they are dangerous)!  Instead follow the recommendations in the videos above and at www.dropcoverholdon.org. Remember DROP, COVER, HOLD ON!  This may save your life when we have a large earthquake here along the Wasatch Front. Please share this information with you family and loved ones.

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