Foto Friday – Sky Lake

Sky in Lake

I took this picture at Jensen Nature Park in Syracuse, UT yesterday afternoon.  I actually went there to try and get some sunset pictures because we really get some amazingly colorful sunsets here many nights.  Unfortunately, the sky was too overcast to catch one. But I’ll try again.

This is a cute little lake where people go to canoe and fish. There really isn’t anything west of this park except open farmland and the mountains in the distance. It feels so far away from anything, even though all you have to do is turn around and there are neighborhoods and the rest of Davis County right across the street.

I love the glory of the sky in this shot. To get it, I had the camera on Aperture Priority, shot at ISO 400, f/4.2, 1/1250 of a second.  Then I upped the blacks and yellows slightly, and made it a little sharper.

Here are a few other interesting pictures I took, but I’m saving a couple for possible future wallpapers and Foto Fridays.             

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