Any Winners???

Riverside Walk-6

Here are a few photos from our visit to Zion National Park last fall.  Oh it was so nice there and I miss the warm weather so much!  We had such a great time hiking with the kids. 

My purpose here is to receive input on which of these photos are good enough to sell.  Please let me know what you think and what impressions you have.  The winners will make it into the portfolio section of our photography website and eventually be available for purchase.  Thanks for your input in advance.  Here is a link to the photo set.  You can add comments here or in flickr (if you use flickr). 

5 thoughts on “Any Winners???

  1. I like #4 the best. OH MY GOODNESS. BEAUTIFUL!!! My next favorite is #5. Nice pics! When we open our office in St. George I think it would be cool to have some pics of Zions in the office. I would buy them.

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