The Kids – Fall Edition

The kids have been up to some pretty interesting things lately. They are growing up so fast. Here is a set of photos that we put together that show their fun personalities.

Nate and Mad (8 of 9)

Nate and Mad (5 of 9)

After looking through the photos we realized that Nate seems to have a shortage of clothes. Rest assured that Nate has all the clothes he needs; he just doesn’t want to wear them! Nate usually strips down to his skivvies within 30 seconds of coming in the door. He is just comfortable in his own skin I guess. Madeleine isn’t very dressed either because it inhibits her crawling and she gets frustrated.

Some other details about them these days:


  • He completely body slams his sister, pulls her down, drags her around, wrestles, etc. Most of the time she just takes it and laughs.
  • His favorite saying is “Whatchu do, daddy/mommy?” He asks us this constantly.
  • He loves, loves, loves to read books. We probably read six of them at a time six times a day.
  • Repeating prayers is getting much better. For months he would just say ad ad ad ad adda. ad ad ad ad adda. aaaahhh (amen). Now he actually says real words.
  • He has to sleep with no less than five blankets. Every time one gets dirty, I’d put it in the wash and if i didn’t get it through in time, I’d pull a new one out of the closet. Then he never lets me put any of them away. Each week I try to sneak one, wash it, and put it away but he always finds it before I get it back to the closet.
  • When he knows it’s bedtime, he tells me “No sleep” and then puts his hands next to his head and snores, and says “No sleep” again just so I don’t misunderstand him.
  • He has such a spunky personality. He makes his dad and I laugh all the time. We see his imagination starting to kick in and we love it.


  • She is so determined. Especially when it comes to crawling over, under, and through anything to get to something she wants.
  • She sucks up mandarin oranges like a vacuum.
  • She’s adopted a bedtime bear. This thing isn’t very old but already looks like a maimed mess. She sucks on its limbs, cuddles her arms around him, and lays her head on his chest. She won’t sleep without him.
  • Her absolute favorite thing to do is to hold onto my fingers and walk around. She’s getting really fast and she steers me to different rooms with ease.
  • She observes how people do things and tries to do them herself. She tries to put the lids back on her snacks, fit her shapes into her bucket, color, put money in the piggy bank, etc. This girl is smart.
  • She is a very happy little girl. If she isn’t tired or hungry, she doesn’t have a care in the world. So playful and satisfied.

These kids are great. We love them so much!!

2 thoughts on “The Kids – Fall Edition

  1. That was a very sweet post. We’ve lost our camera, which has devastated me. Pictures like the ones of Nate and Madeleine are priceless, and I can’t stand that we lost about 100 of those photos, if not more. Blast and wretch.Truly a beautiful post. You’re such an amazing family.

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