Foto Friday – Variations on a Drip

Foto Friday - Variations on a Drip

I took these shots in Zion National Park on the Lower Emerald Pool Trail. I pushed the stroller (when Nate didn’t want to walk) up the mountain and Rob had Madeleine in the backpack. He and everyone else on the trail were snapping tons of photos but I wasn’t really in the mood to take my own…I wasn’t feeling inspired to do so for some reason.

As I was sitting there waiting for Rob to be done and keeping an eye on Nate, I noticed a specific drip coming from high above me and hitting a very small puddle. I was amazed at the perfect little bubble the splash created! How cool! All of a sudden I was inspired.

I positioned myself and put the camera on action mode so the camera would automatically take four consecutive shots. This way I was sure to catch some good shots. It was still harder than I thought it would be because the splash occurred and dissipated so fast. I ended up taking about 40 shots to get these six.

They’re not the highest quality, but still really cool. I encourage you to look at the large version in order to see the detail in the bubbles and ripples.

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